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Blackcomb - How to Replace a UV Lamp
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After the lamp life has expired or if there is a lamp failure, the UV lamp must be replaced. It is recommended that cotton gloves are worn to replace the UV lamp. Only touch the ceramic ends of the UV lamp. The controller will notify when it is time to replace the UV lamp.




Follow the instructions below to replace a UV lamp:

  1. Obtain the correct lamp as shown on the silver label of the chamber or the maintenance parts screen (colour screen (5.1) system only). How to Find Replacement Parts
  2. Shut inlet valve.
  3. Shut outlet valve.
  4. Unplug controller from outlet.
  5. Unscrew ground screw to remove ground tether from chamber.


  1. Push down lamp cable and turn ¼ turn counterclockwise to release lamp cable from gland nut.
  2. Disconnect lamp from lamp cable.
  3. Remove old lamp from chamber.
  4. Install new lamp in chamber.
  5. Connect new lamp to lamp cable. Note that the connector is keyed and will only fit one way.




11. Push down lamp cable and turn ¼ turn clockwise to secure lamp cable in gland nut.




  1. Reattach ground screw to chamber.
  2. Reset lamp countdown timer on controller. Lamp Timer Reset
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