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Blackcomb - Connection Failure Alarm
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On a Blackcomb 5.1 controller, a connection failure alarm may appear if there is an issue connecting with an attached accessory. This alarm could be caused by a bad connection with a sensor, any module, or a lamp key.


Evidence of Issue

“CONNECTION FAILURE” is displayed. Constant alarm sounding.


Causes of alarm:

  • An expansion module, sensor or lamp key is not securely connected to the controller.
  • The lamp key port or IEP are wet, very dirty, corroded, or damaged.



1.            Unplug the controller from the outlet.

2.           Ensure all module, sensor and lamp key connections are secure.

3.            After 1 minute, plug the controller back into the outlet.


If the controller is still displaying “CONNECTION FAILURE”:

1.            Unplug the controller from the outlet.

2.            Unplug any modules from the controller.

3.            One at a time, plug in a module and start up the controller.

4.            If one module causes the alarm, replace that module.

5.           If the alarm is displayed without any modules or sensor connected, submit a ticket for customer support. New Ticket

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