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Blackcomb - Lamp Failure Alarm
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If a controller in a Blackcomb UV system is no longer able to light the UV lamp, a lamp failure alarm will be displayed. This alarm is usually caused by a failed lamp, but it rare cases it could be a failed controller.


Alarms Present

Colour display (5.0/5.1): “lamp failure replace lamp” is displayed. Constant alarm is sounding.  



LED display (4.1): LF displayed with a red LED. Constant alarm is sounding.



Cause of alarm: The lamp is not lit.


Recommended Actions:

1.            Unplug the UV system from the outlet.

2.            Ensure lamp connector is securely connected to the lamp.

3.            Plug in the UV system to the outlet.

4.            If the controller still displays the same alarm, replace the lamp with a new lamp. Blackcomb - How to Find Replacement Parts

5.            If a new lamp does not clear the alarm, please submit a ticket for support. New Ticket

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