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Blackcomb - Lamp Key Not Found Alarm
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To operate a 5.1 controller, a lamp key must be installed. This key ensures that the correct lamp type is installed in the controller and that the lamp is changed once the lamp expires. If a controller is not detecting a lamp key, a lamp key not found alarm will be present.


“LAMP KEY NOT FOUND” is displayed.


Causes of alarm:

  • There is no lamp key installed in the controller.
  • The controller is not detecting the installed lamp key.
  • The lamp key is damaged.


Recommended Actions:

1.            Make sure a lamp key is installed in the controller.

2.            If there is a lamp key but the alarm is present:

                    a. Unplug the controller from the outlet.

                    b. Unplug the lamp key from the controller.

                    c. Inspect the lamp key. If it is damaged, a replacement is required. If not damaged, insert it   back into the controller.

3.            Plug the controller back into the outlet.   

4.            If the alarm is still present, please submit a ticket for support. New Ticket

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