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Blackcomb - Lamp Expired Alarm
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Over time, the performance of a UV lamp declines, making it very important that the lamp is changed routinely. Blackcomb controllers will notify when it is time to replace the UV lamp. The lamp must then be changed, and the controller lamp life timer must be reset.


Alarms Present

Colour display (5.1/6.1): “lamp expired x days ago”. Constant alarm is sounding.



LED display (4.1): -X displayed with a red LED. Constant alarm is sounding.

X – the number of days since the lamp expired.



Reasons for alarm:

The lamp has reached the end of its’ life.


The lamp has been replaced but the lamp countdown has not been reset.


Recommended Actions:

1.      Replace the UV lamp if it has not been replaced. Blackcomb - How to Find Replacement Parts

2.      Reset the lamp countdown on the controller. Blackcomb Lamp Timer Reset

3.      If the issue persists, please submit a ticket for support. New Ticket




The alarm can be deferred for seven days by holding the controller button down for a period of five seconds. The number of deferrals used will be displayed as below. Once the deferral expires, the alarm will sound once again. The deferral can be repeated up to three times. PLEASE NOTE: At any point after lamp expiration, the water may be unsafe for consumption and should not be consumed without another form of water treatment.




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